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  • Transparency

    Sunday, May 26, 2019   /   by Skye Leber


    Transparency- what does it means in real estate? 

    Let's keep it real! 

    Lack of transparency creates the shadow of doubt. It’s important for agents to disclose all information

    and build trust with their customers especially when accessibility to the internet increases their

    chances of finding facts. Trust is the glue that holds the real estate market together. In a society based

    off corporate greed it’s getting harder to have confidence in Realtors. We must prove that we are able

    to not only promise; but deliver with action. It’s time we stop thinking about the housing market for

    investment purposes and consider the humanitarian aspect. For example; whenever I interview a

    prospective seller I make sure that my services provided are fully explained. I am attentive in the

    process asking questions that lead to all known material facts about the home. This builds trust

    between us and keeps the communication lines open. Listening to my customer’s expectations and

    needs allows them to safely express their concerns and problems that we can fix. I see my customers

    as friends that are allowing me to handle one of the biggest decisions of their life.

    Transparency creates endless opportunity. Business relationships are important; but personal

    relationships last forever. It’s this simple; Keeping your word will keep your customers, your peers, and others wanting to work with you!
    When you’re 
    clear about your intentions; the competition decreases. People want to work with those who value

    honesty. I have received a lot of referrals due to my straight forward approach in business and

    customer service. There are no secrets in working with me. Everything is laid out in concrete form

    with no hidden fees. The truth isn’t always easy but worth it. I have been successful with the truth

    and failed with the truth but either way, I have told the truth. Transparency is the key to success when dealing with others in every part of life and in any career. 

    As a mentor and educator, I have had many tough conversations with my new agents and teachers. These are important for growing and reflecting in order to move forward and to be better! 

    If you want to learn more about core values... email Skye.Leber@exprealty.com

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