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  • Widows... Buying in Naples - Let US Help YOU!

    Tuesday, March 31, 2020   /   by Skye Leber

    Widows... Buying in Naples - Let US Help YOU!

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     Buying a home is a huge task for many people, but for widows this might be the first thing they have done on their own since their spouse has passed. It can be full of emotions and is somewhat like a roller coaster for them in many cases. We do our best to hand-hold, guide, and protect them through the entire process of selling or buying a home. They come first! We pride ourselves with being 100% transparent and we work hard to EXCEED EVERY EXPECTATION!

    One particular gal, who just purchased in Naples Bath & Tennis, fit this criteria to a tee! 
    She is lovely and had been renting for two years before she decided to buy. Even then, it was a hard decision she made and she did it on her own. We recommended speaking with her children, CFP, and accountant for advice. Ultimately, she needed to make her own decision to either keep renting or finally buy something. 

    So- she decided to buy and the search was on! It didn't take long until she fell in love! She found "the one!"
    (Two years of looking and coming back and forth to Naples)

    We were there every step of the way! Just to name a few things: we helped her with who to speak to for coordinating radon mitigation, how to get the best insurance quotes, how to wire funds, what to ask the HOA, how to fill-out forms, where to find painters, how to set up her cable, how to docusign, etc.

    If you would like a referral from her, just ask! (SAY HW)

    We would love to exceed every EXPectation! 
    Reach out to our team! We are patient, kind, and caring! Read our reviews! 

    Naples Platinum Team

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